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Integrated Waste Treatment Area in Toba Regency Officially Operates

10 Mar 2021

On 10 March 2021 in North Sumatra, Deputy for Coordination of Environmental and Forestry Management of the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment (Nani Hendiarti) together with the Regent of Toba Regency (Poltak Sitorus), Deputy for Information and Correctional Standardization, National Standards Agency (BSN) Zakiyah, General Manager of Industrial Equipment and Services PT Pindad (Agus Herman) and General Manager of PTTEP Indonesia (Grinchai Hattagam) launched the operation of Waste Treatment Area in Lumban Pea, Balige Subdistrict, Toba Regency. The launch is symbolically marked by the first use of Stungta and Pindad waste destruction incinerators produced by state-owned enterprises of PT. Pindad (Persero) as well as the opening of customer accounts of Waste Bank. 

A ceremony on the provision of an integrated waste management program in Toba Regency by PTTEP facilitated by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment to address the problem of waste in Indonesia, especially in priority tourist areas. This launched waste management donation includes education and campaigns for the younger generation in schools, community assistance to collect and sort waste so that it is of economic value through the development of waste banks, as well as the use of waste residue destruction incinerators.  

The campaign for integrated waste management not only through the use of the incinerator machine, but also by educating the younger generation in schools, as well as assisting the community to collect and sort waste, so it can produce economic value, through the development of waste banks. "We are very proud to be able to support the launching of waste treatment area in Toba by donating programs which include the implementation of waste management learning, development of waste banks, community assistance, as well as Stungta incinerator units produced locally by PT. Pindad. We hope this will be the beginning of sustainable waste processing in the Toba region," said General Manager of PTTEP Indonesia, Grinchai Hattagam.

It is expected that the handling of waste starting from the upstream, can help reduce the number of landfills transported to Temporary Shelters (TPS) and Final Processing Place (TPA) in the Toba area, which can extend the utilization life of this integrated waste treatment system in order to overcome various garbage problems, and maximize the cycle of waste used in the Toba area, said Fei Febri, Director of The Shining Waste Bank.


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