Synergy and Collaboration to Stop Stunting “Together WE CAN”csr kesehatan

csr kesehatan Synergy and Collaboration to Stop Stunting “Together WE CAN”
csr kesehatan Synergy and Collaboration to Stop Stunting “Together WE CAN”
csr kesehatan Synergy and Collaboration to Stop Stunting “Together WE CAN”
csr kesehatan Synergy and Collaboration to Stop Stunting “Together WE CAN”
csr kesehatan Synergy and Collaboration to Stop Stunting “Together WE CAN”

Synergy and Collaboration to Stop Stunting “Together WE CAN”

18 Jun 2022

KUPANG - Indonesia still has a fairly high stunting prevalence rate, which is 24.4 percent and is still above the standard tolerated by WHO, which is below 20 percent. This is due to the high rate of anemia and malnutrition in adolescent girls before marriage so that during pregnancy they produce stunted children.

According to the Indonesia Nutrition Status Study (SSGI) 2021, the stunting prevalence rate in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) reaches 48.3 percent and is the highest. As an effort to support the acceleration of stunting reduction in NTT, PTT Exploration & Production (PTTEP), in collaboration with the Secretariat of the vice president of the Republic of Indonesia (Setwapres RI), and the NTT Provincial Government, with the help of Dompet Dhuafa and the Kupang Regency Government, South Central Timor Regency (TTS), and the District of North Central Timor (TTU), held a Public Discussion and Art Performance with the theme "Eradicate Stunting, We Can", Saturday, (6/18/2022) at the Sotis Hotel Kupang attended by the Governor of East Nusa Tenggara Viktor Bungtilu Laiskodat , Regents of South Central Timor, North Central Timor, and Kupang as well as representatives of the Setwapres, leaders of PTTEP Indonesia, representatives of health cadres in NTT Province, with the concept of a Talkshow event.

Deputy for Human Development Policy Support and Development Equity, the Secretariat of the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Suprayoga Hadi as the keynote speaker said that multi-sectoral cooperation programs are important in achieving stunting reduction targets in Indonesia.

"And this is a very good thing to continue in order to accelerate stunting prevention. I hope that we or the community in general can better understand the importance of stunting prevention, one of which is by implementing clean healthy living behavior with balanced nutrition," said Suprayoga Hadi.

Meanwhile, PTTEP's involvement in the stunting prevention partnership is taken seriously. At each stage of the activity, PTTEP is involved in its activities.

"We continue to carry out monitoring and intensive discussions with stakeholders of the stunting prevention partnership program, relating to outputs, recommendations, and follow-up. We hope that what we are doing will provide broad and sustainable benefits for the people in NTT and can be an inspiration to many parties in Indonesia," said Grinchai Hattagam, General Manager of PTTEP.

In addition, routine posyandu monitoring, home visits for pregnant women and children with growth disorders, routine health education and counseling, Supplementary Food Provision, are examples of activities that drive convergence action in the village scope, the scope of which is in direct contact with the beneficiary communities, as stated by the Director of Dompet Dhuafa Social Enterprise, Herdiansah, and he hopes that in today's discussion we will be able to achieve a reduction in stunting.

"The concrete action that has been carried out together during the multi-sectorial program and discussion today is expected to be able to contribute to thinking and collaboration of stakeholders to commit to accelerating the achievement of a decline in national stunting prevalence rates," concluded Herdiansah, Director of Dompet Dhuafa Social Enterprise.

South Central Timor Regent, Egusem Pieter Tahun, expressed his appreciation for the public discussion, according to him many people have been helped.

"As the Regent, I sincerely thank you and give my greatest appreciation for what you have done and synergize with each other, now the community feels they have been helped," said Egusem.

Regent of North Central Timor, Drs. Juandi David hopes that through this activity, commitment from all parties will grow in overcoming stunting in the TTU district. Joint commitments still needed because the prevalence rate is still quite high than the national target. This year, nationally and provincially, the target is to reduce the stunting rate by 10%.

"Thus, it still requires commitment and collaboration from all stakeholders in tackling the stunting problem," he said.

Regent of Kupang, Drs. Korinus Masneno, said the stunting rate in Kupang Regency should be suppressed as much as possible. The hope is that the Stunting rate in Kupang Regency can reach zero cases. To achieve this, Korinus added, there needs to be a change in work patterns. All must think innovatively and work collaboratively so that the targeted Zero Stunting can be achieved.

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