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ScholarshipCSR paud Indonesia
ScholarshipCSR paud Indonesia
ScholarshipCSR paud Indonesia


Background in choosing Beastudi Program

Since 2003, Beastudi Etos, one of Dompet Dhuafa’s (CSR Dompet Dhuafa) leading education programs, have an extensive experience in organizing scholarship programs for underprivileged students. They have been selected to execute as well as ensure the success ratio of the program. With an established and years of proven method on developing students to be creative and independent individuals, as well as recognition and awards in national and international level, the program is believed to bring out the best qualities from the student.

Program Description

Uniqueness of Beastudi

Beastudi Etos (Etos Scholarship) is a human resources investment program aiming to create independent and excellent human capital for Indonesia.  The program sponsors high school students from low income households to continue study in public university.The program provides not only finances but also mentoring activities for personal development and boarding at Etos dormitory. Beastudi Etos team provide a combination of coaching, mentoring, empowerment and supervision for scholarship recipients during the four to six years (for medical school) tenures with Beastudi Etos.


Since 2014, the program has successfully selected the best 25 (twenty five) in 2 (two) batches. Based on the progress report of the last 2 (two) semesters, batch 2014 students have achieved a grade point average of above 3.0.


To enhance their personal and social skills, students are endorsed to be actively involved in various organizations at their University as committee as well as other supporting programs such as writing competition, English improvement skills through various activities such as “Bule hunting” and online forum discussion among students, community development participation program, and speaker at University workshops.

Way forward

PTTEP scholarship program has successfully helped on the educational improvement of 25 students from underprivileged families. This program has succeeded in shaping leadership character, fostering social awareness and independence from within the program beneficiaries. Recently, alumni from the program have accepted to work on their respective fields of educational background and have had a real contribution in the community in order to address community problems.

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